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A public company offering investors access to the creative economy



German Montoya

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Nabyl Charania

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Manage Rokk3rLabs a Technology portfolio company out of South Beach FL. Successful exit, merger and new company creation track record. Mathematics background.


Adriana Gabriela Garcia-Marquez

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MS. HCI, MS. Marketing, BS. Industrial Design. Experience in design and managing cross-functional teams.

Aurelia Crews

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Juan Montoya

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Founder @rokk3r-labs

camila ardila

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Luis Buitrago

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Current - Strategy Consultant @rokk3r-labs Past - Country Manager @Rocket Internet Mexico UVA Grad

Vero Rubio

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I love to work on building products, teams & companies. I've experience with global and local startups, entrepreneurs and companies at various stages of growth.

Camilo Andres Martinez

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Worked at Rokk3r. Experience with AWS, Software Architecture, Automation

Christopher Staley

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Raised in 3 countries, BS/BA in Entrepreneurship + International Business. 4 years of cobuilding experience taking entrepreneurs from ideation to market.

Edison Galindo A.

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Andrea Arnau

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Founder and CEO CPT Investments. Advisor and Special Projects @Rokk3r. Entrepreneur. Investor in Shark Tank Colombia and Shark Tank Mexico

Sari Azout Bakalarz

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Partner, Level Ventures • EIR at @rokk3r-labs • Studied at @Brown University

Whitney Romanchuk

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Board members and advisors

Co-Founder @Rokk3r Fuel ExO , Founder @ Factory Design Labs, Co-Founder @Beatport sold to SFX

Former team

Christopher Bentley Staley

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Jose Santiago

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Stanislav Levin

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Charles C. Irizarry

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Alicia Siman Suarez

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Elton Shehdula

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