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A public company offering investors access to the creative economy

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At Rokk3r we support entrepreneurs and companies that want to leverage exponential technologies  to transform their businesses or develop entirely new ventures. Rokk3r partners leverage our global idea to exit ecosystem to understand the exponential context, identify and validate new opportunities, and create entirely new businesses.

As a Technology Lead at Rokk3r you will be working on our Coubild team in partnership with entrepreneurs, and existing organizations to help architect, validate and build technology for early-stage startups.

* Ability to architect modern and innovative solutions using cutting edge technology.
* Research and suggest updates to process and technology regularly to stay relevant.
* Team alignment on overarching Cobuild strategy, which should align with Company Building, Taking Learnings from Company building.
* Alignment with Management on Company Vision, and participation in the execution of the tangible goals that have been given to the Cobuild unit.
* Optimization of the startup launch process (e.g. from nothing to product)
* Optimization of the iteration process (e.g. changes need to be updated)
* Optimization of the measurement process (e.g. KPIs have been defined, and need to be measured, and also need to roll up into some company reporting mechanism).
* Constant mentorship and leadership of the Engineering Team.
* Provide an environment that supports communication, collaboration, and alignment to the bigger vision of the company.
* Implementation of Performance Tracking Processes on Teams
* Implementation of Automation Processes for Company Builds, and Company Reporting Structures to Management
* Participation and Thought Leadership in Steering Committees
* Thought Leadership (e.g. Blogs, Education)
* Optimization of the Product Build Lifecycle

* Critical Thinking
* Product Management Methodologies (SCRUM, Agile)
* Relevant Infrastructure Experience (e.g. GCE and AWS)
* Microservice Architecture Experience
* Authentication Standards and Best Practices
* Development Standards and Best Practices
* Continuous Integration and Deployment
* Client Service Architecture Experience (Mobile, Web via Angular2, ReactJS, ReactNative, etc...)
* Application Development Experience (Several Product Builds under belt, from first line of code to growth phases)

* Golang, NodeJS, Python, C++ , Java, Swift, etc...

* Experience with Leading a Multi-Faceted Team (e.g. Engineering, Design, Architecture, Growth, Product)
* Startup Team Experience
* Investor Communications and Thought Leadership
* Experience with TDD
* Experience with Analytics Infrastructures (e.g. Product Architecture Experience of different system types (e.g. Machine Learning infrastructure, Big Data infrastructure, IoT infrastructure, etc…)
* Infrastructure Security Best Practices
* Application Security Best Practices
* Data Storage Security Best Practices
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Visa sponsorship
Not Available
5+ years
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Mike Rolfe

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Mike Rolfe

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Head of Product @rokk3r-labs , Past @Emerge @Primal @UWaterloo

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A public company offering investors access to the creative economy

Rokk3r focuses on Mobile, Consulting, Startups, Venture Capital, and Technology. Their company has offices in Mexico, Miami, and Colombia. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees. To date, Rokk3r has raised $5M of funding; their latest round was closed on July 2015.

You can view their website at http://www.rokk3r.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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