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Karan Jhaveri

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Software Developer with a passion to code and expertise with C C++, Java, Python, HTML5, SQL PL/SQL, Android, and more

Utkarsh Mishra

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Full stack engineer. Core team member for three startups till date. Skilled in setting up technology stack for web/mobile applications from scratch to release.

Dhrishya S

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I am passionate about data. I dig deep and provide actionable insights using data and analytics.

Ajay Deekonda

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Passionate about innovative product development, tackling problems with optimised solutions.Built an enterprise grid analytics tool with a 3 member team.
A focused, strong and passionate individual who has surmounted odds to get better everyday. Blockchain researcher with interest in data analytics.
AI, NLP, React, Bootstrap, Ajax,, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Data Structure and Algorithms, C/C++ programmer, Core Java developer

Former team

Aamir Darukhanawalla

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Ruchit Rami

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Vatsal Shrivastav

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Sai Teja

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