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Rockmetric is a 'Cognitive Data Analyst' that automates analysis and insights with a Google-like 'Natural Language Search' interface. Large enterprises can deliver sophisticated analysis and adhoc queries at scale instantly without having to expand reporting and analytics teams.

Business teams can request for queries such as “Why did the Sales for Product A dip in London during May?” or “Which are the top Account Managers by Target Achievement Rate in India”. The platform automatically understands user queries, analyses data and delivers beautiful charts, descriptive insights and complex analysis instantly.

Teams can access ad-hoc queries, powerful insights and analysis without any need to learn SQL. These insights can be securely delivered with role-based access across channels like web, mobile, email, voice and other team communication platforms.

Press - bit.ly/2vkjggY, bit.ly/2OQMWvm, bit.ly/2E402UT
Rockmetric Preview - youtube.com/watch?v=OZ7_tIGZXus
Barclays Demo Day: bit.ly/2oOBZwj

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