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Today's consumers watch videos before deciding what to buy, where to go, and whom to trust. But most websites and apps have no video because every video requires designers, high-end hardware, and several hours. Founded in 2015 by former TaxiForSure execs after its $200M acquisition by Ola, Rocketium products make it easy for businesses to create rich videos at scale:-
• Code - automation API to create thousands of templated videos and images in minutes
• Button - white-label creator for any website to enable its users to make videos
• Studio - easy online video creator

Rocketium has 100,000 users and paying customers from 55 countries ranging from behemoths like Canon, ESPN, and Harvard to small businesses and freelancers. We are funded by Blume Ventures, 1Crowd, and angel investors from Apple, Microsoft, McKinsey, and SpaceX.

• Do what you love - We believe that the right people in the right environment can solve any problem. We create this environment and then get out of your way so you can work your magic
• Communication - Openness and transparency are just words unless you live them daily. We believe in communicating developments big and small so everyone can make better decisions
• Tough challenges - What is life without gnarly problems to solve, right? At Rocketium, we have plenty of them. Changing the way the world communicates is not supposed to be easy!
• Multi-disciplinary learning - We make sure everyone is constantly improving in their own domain while also expanding horizons to learn about other fields
• Intuition + feedback + insights - Our decisions are based on our intuition, feedback from customers, and insights gleaned from data. No one gets away with “because I said so"
• Smart but nice - Being smart is just not enough at Rocketium. Everyone in the team is as nice as they are smart
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