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Platform for startups to reward early supporters

Platform for startups to reward early supporters

On RocketClub, startups incentivize supporters to help grow the company in exchange for cash, perks, or equity rewards.

Every listing starts with a company signing up on RocketClub, indicating different tasks they need help with and the reward they will be making available. Users interested in getting involved submit applications to become members. Once approved by the startup, members earn rewards for offering product feedback, helping with promotion, making referrals, among other opportunities.

RocketClub is a platform for startup companies to engage, track, and reward their most loyal supporters. The platform provides a suite of tools for startups to crowdsource growth through their supporters, and offer an opportunity for the supporters to be part of the startup journey.

Paul Chen

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Founder of @blissdevices & @pypetv • Worked at @Fortinet, @Maxim • Studied at @MIT Sloan, @Columbia, @Steve. Strong background in CS, EE, and managing products.

Erik Chan

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