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Founder at @Rocket. Game CTO @Zynga . Engineering @NetApp
Founder @Rocket, previously VP @SurveyMonkey. Founder @Renzu, VP @Zynga, Product @Amazon.com, Consultant @McKinsey & Co

Arjun Lall

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Founder at @Rocket Formerly Founder @Renzu • EIR @Social Capital • Product @Zynga • Founder @JamLegend • Founder at Fantasy Congress


Johnson Vo

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Jonathan Adam

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Worked at Rocket

Aleksandar Labroski

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BEng in Computer Engineering, MSc in Data Science; Worked at Netcetera AG and Rocket (getrocket.com) as a fullstack software engineer.

Anjennette Wong

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Director of Recruiting (We're hiring! Building Teams with the Best Top Talent!)

Jenn Magaling

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Rhythm Ved

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Tony Tan

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Spencer Hinton

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Motivated leader with a great capacity for teamwork. Exceptional research, analysis, and presentation abilities.

Vincent Yiu

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Founding Engineer @Rocket , Sr. Software Engineer @Vidora , Sr. Software Engineer @SurveyMonkey, Sr. Software Engineer @Renzu , Software Engineer @IBM

Former team

Sinead Trautman

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