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Property Management and Civic Service

Philanthropic Content Creator, with diverse backgrounds!

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Are you passionate about Personal Growth and excellence. We are looking for a content creator who will enjoy playing and posting with the goal and purpose of inspiring and influencing others to be their best self. You will mainly be working on keeping up with the followers of our Non Profit, servicing to the elderly, sick or just the average joe in need of a pick me. Through social media posts, as well as Blog writing! We will be providing a basis for the themes and will be able to freestyle how you see fit in order to best stimulate traffic, and keep our fans engaged!

Jordan currently has a book series while, I currently have a podcast! This may yield huge growth potential if you do well in The Non Profit side, you may be brought on for contact work to manage some of the other social media content creation for our other projects!

We are searching for someone who's not afraid to challenge status quotes! You will be given an audience and an opportunity to show what you are capable of!

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Property Management and Civic Service

The Way Emergenesis focuses on Nonprofits and Mental Health. Their company has offices in Denver. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://rochtheway.com

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