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Robotire is automating vehicle maintenance

Robotire is automating vehicle maintenance

In a fleet-centric world where everything is delivered to your doorstep, cost-per-mile and uptime are all that matter. Less vehicles will be driving more miles and the decreased complexity of electric motors will fundamentally change the automotive service industry. ROBOTIRE will bring manufacturing-level automation to vehicle servicing. Tires are the perfect vertical to tackle first because they are future-proof (tires are going nowhere) and scale from luxury personal automobiles to freight-centric big-rigs. The current tire changing industry is entrenched with an aging workforce but maintains strong margins. We will be building and deploy two version of the systems. An in-bay system and a robotic tire changing container that both can change a set of 4 tires from pull in to pull out in 10 minutes. Our fully-integrated ROBOTIRE containers can be placed inside existing shops, Walmart parking lots or in the middle of a fleet service area hundreds of miles away from a major city. In the

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