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Interactive robot anyone can build

Interactive robot anyone can build

Robot Playtime is building a platform called Pixel that teaches young learners robotics and computer science, while fostering their imagination and creativity. Pixel transforms an everyday device (smartphone or tablet) into a programmable robot. The robot starts off without any intelligence or emotion, so it’s up to the user to program personality and life into it. With the ability to also connect to any open platform, including hardware devices such as Lego Mindstorms, Arduino-based chips, and Raspberry Pi, and open software such as Minecraft or Twitter, users are able to customize and equip their robot with any hardware components and interface with open software to build a robot with no limits. This unlocks unlimited potential for the user to grow in their learning and create an interactive robot that can do anything they imagine!

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Alex Hong

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Co-Founder of Robot Playtime. M.A.Sc. in Robotics.
CTO @Creatubbles, formerly VP Platform Eng. @TimePlay Entertainment, Founder @Robot Playtime