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While negotiation is an important aspect in business deals, it is time consuming and an acquired skill. We are getting emotions out of that necessary process while expediting deal closures through our patent-pending, artificial intelligence driven Software As A Service (SaaS) model. Join and be part of next business revolution. We have a patent pending "Virtual Sales Assistant/Automated Negotiator" for your online sales needs. Don’t turn your customers away with a fixed price. “Let's make a deal” and maximize your sales funnel while lowering your overall cost of conversion. You manage your inventory and define your minimum sell price and let us do the sales negotiation in an unbiased way to your cost conscious customers. We provide various flexibility in our algorithms to help secure maximum profit while taking care of your customers at the same time.
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Automotive - Industry Expert as Adviser/ Board Member (USA)

Posted 6 months ago

For our start-up (Negotiation As a Service) which provides Sales Automation tools, Data Analytics and Micro Service (Software based automated negotiation between buyers and sellers), we are looking at automobile industry as our first industry to go to.

Looking for someone expert who has been the...


SVP, Sales (or Chief Revenue Officer)

Posted this week

RoboNegotiator is an exciting start-up with two patents and trying to change how we do online commerce. Whether you are selling cars or buying online furniture products, negotiation and price haggling is part of the game.