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Contact Lense Tool

Contact Lense Tool

• Provides people with an easy and sanitary way to handle their contact lenses.
• Alleviates the hassle of dropping a lens and trying to find it on the ground.
• Prevents the spread of germs from people’s hands to their eyes.
• Reduces the time it takes to insert, remove, and clean a pair of contacts.
• Assists first-time wearers when learning how to insert and remove their contacts.

Detailed Description,
No-Touch Contact Tool enables people to handle and clean their contacts without having to directly touch their eyes or the lenses. This innovative product comprises a thin, long-handled tool and a disposable oval-shaped cup, made of silicone or other suitable material, can attach to one end of the tool. The cup can have a thin, flexible neck that rotates in any direction, controlled by a small dial directly below the neck. Inside the handle can be a simple mechanism to create a light vacuum. Tiny grooves surrounding the cup allow the suction to hold the contact.
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