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We are the culinary community builders who bring together colleagues, friends, family members and strangers through unexpected and joyful moments. Moments like when the aroma of spicy firecracker wings mixes with the lunchtime chatter of colleagues; when an impromptu game of rock, paper, scissors starts up as friends wait for their orders to be called; a wedding dance beneath lights strung between food trucks; a friendly face offering a napkin to keep an ice cream drip from falling. We don’t just bond over food, we share in exceptional experiences.

Our platform makes it super easy to book the best catering for your next event, launch an experiential marketing promotion, and bring out a rolling rotation of the best food trucks anywhere, anytime. Founded in 2009, and with a network of over 16,500 food trucks, carts, and caterers, Roaming Hunger has facilitated over 10M meals, making it one of the fastest growing catering services in the world.
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