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A notes tool for networked thought

Full Stack Engineer (Leaning Backend)

$120k – $200k • 0.1% – 1.9%
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Roam is growing very quickly - you'll be helping us deal with some growing pains, and help us take the product beyond personal knowledge management into building a "graph of graphs" to allow users to connect their "second brains"

You'll be helping us move Roam from a very basic backend - designed for proving out the product and the market, to one that can support multi-user sharing, exploring the history of a knowledge graph, and selectively sharing notes (and subscriptions to changes in a knowledge graph) across workspaces.

Specifically, you'll be helping us migrate off of Firebase, onto a new server and database setup -- (most likely Datomic), helping us build out an API, and build a better syncing system for handling merge conflicts with multiple offline users coming online at different times.

Should love Clojure, be comfortable with some devops type work, and ideally have experience with Datomic and datalog.

Big points if you're familiar with the work of Doug Engelbart, Bret Victor, Michael Nielsen, Andy Matuschak, and Alan Kay.

SF preferred, but we'll consider remote.

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Clojure/Clojurescript hacker. Believer in tools for thought. On grail quest for augmenting collective intelligence. Past: CEO of Localocracy (acquired by Aol).

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A notes tool for networked thought

Roam Research focuses on Collaboration, Productivity Software, Knowledge Management, and Writing. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://roamresearch.com or find them on Twitter and Product Hunt.

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