We are building a world class, long range electric scooter you can charge to full in mins


We started our journey with just the founder about a year and half trying to revive the 10 years old electric scooter from BSA, this was by the way a second attempt, one was about 7 years back which had failed due to lack of improvised battery technology, this time around we were able to put things together and we could see great potential in filling the gaps with the technology currently available at our disposal, and the globalization has helped us getting our hands on these very easily, hence we decided to turn the hobby project into a serious product and formed the company, currently we are a team of 4 and 2 about to join, mainly comprising of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and software engineers, these are the hard core passionate people who knows nothing but the domain they are responsible for, we are currently working on developing a working prototype. We are based out of Belgaum, Karnataka, known as Automotive parts manufacturing hub, also known for having Indian's first Aerospace SEZ (AEQUS) where aircraft grade precision engineering happens, we are under 500KM from Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad helping us get some great talent. Absolutely pollution less mobility solution for a two wheeler rich country like India. We are working on making sure that our scooters beat the petrol version at all the aspects, be it speed, range, toughness, life expectancy. Based on our initial prototypes, we are looking at a very long range electric scooters, in the range of 150-250KM per charge and a super fast quick charing technology which will recharge the vehicle to 100% within less than the time needed to fill a scooter petrol tank. Faster adoption of Electric Vehicle due to solution to range anxiety and super fast refueling technology so people taking their vehicle out for a ride need not worry what if they run out of juice, they can just ride to any of the refueling stations and recharge to full in just few minutes and continue with their journey.
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Android App Developer (Intern)

Posted 5 months ago

About the Job:
We have a unique opportunity for the energetic engineers to showcase their skills and be part of a game-changing industry of electric vehicles.

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Studying a technical brief to find the feasibility of using android as a platf...