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RiverSafe is an Information Security Consultancy that specializes in Network Security, Threat and Vulnerability Management, Security Event Information Management and Big IT Data Analysis solutions. We work in a variety of environments (Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Healthcare & Consumer Lifestyle, Education, Utilities, Government), implementing solutions for large Data Centres, Process Control Networks (SCADA), and highly critical financial transaction data networks. We pride ourselves in our ability to configure each one of these technologies to present security event information in a manner that is highly relevant to clients. Our goal is to create accurate threat monitoring in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Through careful consultancy we help organisations build and mature their security operations and realise effective protection against cyber threats real to their business. We understand the business, applications and services of our clients, and we work closely with Risk Management bodies to translate their efforts into active monitoring. We ensure that any proposed technology is fit for purpose and that it satisfies not just security requirements but operational and process requirements as well. Our team of high skilled consultants come from diverse backgrounds in the Information Security space and together we offer a rich perspective and delivery capability.
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Security Engineer

RiverSafe is a premier Security Consultancy with a proven track record of delivering security services to a number of FTSE 100 companies. We have established relationships with market leading technology vendors in Cyber Security and Big Data analytics space.


Senior Security Consultant

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