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Vue.js Front-end Web Dev Internship

No salary
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All RiteKit internships are UNPAID. If you are not considering internships without salary or stipend, etc., this is not for you.

• Must write clean, re-usable code.
• STRONG Vue.js ability required, and experience building at least one site with Vue.js for the front-end.
• Understand that our internship are UNPAID. No salary, no stipend, etc. Can lead to a salaried position with us, depending on your work and your availability. A staff position is not guaranteed, however.
• 64-bit computer with at least 8GB of system RAM
• 3 months X 20 hours/week minimum commitment
• Understand that our internships are UNPAID. No salary, no stipend, etc.
• Desire to work in a startup environment, able to self-manage and work remotely (you would work as we all do, from home or where we live.)

• General Javascript experience, mysql, jquery, node.js
• Python Django REST framework experience


"Hashtags! Yay!"

No! That's not what we're about. Hell, we're not even in love with social media!

We began with total social media optimization: images, link ads and yes, machine learning powered auto-hashtagging, too. We build and market data-driven social media engagement SaaS products. They're tools for organizations and people who need to get something back from social.

Long-term: automating needless nuisance tasks out of business people's workflows. (See our APIs for examples; we've already grown beyond social media solutions.)

For those who need to get sales, sign-ups, or other specific goals met from what they share to Facebook, Twitter and beyond, RiteForge automates image creation and extraction, adds a link ad to pages shared socially, and uses text analysis and machine learning to aid with hashtags as well. Please spend one minute to get a quick understanding of all four of our tools: youtube.com/watch?v=oYKPrk2U4Jo nd CTO.

We have our engineering office in Prague, Czech Republic as well as distributed staff working from home/school in many countries.

You must be a self-starter with demonstrated interest (test the RiteForge browser extension before applying, please) in what we have done over the last 8+ years and interest in being part of what we're building for improving the effectiveness of various aspects of a social media post (hashtag length, position, no. of hashtags, languages, sentiment, update length, mentions, link attributes, etc.).

Do ask what our former interns went on to do immediately following their RiteKit internship when you have your first interview (and how to independently research this). First, see medium.com/hashtag-academy/tagged/ritekitinterns and especially the video in medium.com/hashtag-academy/ritekit-interns-tell-their-stories-acc09f4e1845 to hear from our former interns, who share what they got from the experience, in learning, career-boosts, jobs and other opportunities, both with RiteKit and other employers.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN if you excel at your first tasks when you work with us:
Conceiving and building data-backed recommendation functions, some using machine learning as well.
Doing backflips with social network APIs.
Learning to lead: if you are fast and good we will ask you to help others first, move into a leadership position very soon. Ask for specific people examples in your first interview - what they did to earn this, and the outcomes for them, both with us and in other companies.

We ship fast - and with over 375,000 registrations, when we make your latest feature live, your work will be seen and become part of the workflow for a great many business people.

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Michal Hudeček

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Pavel Houžva

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Lead Programmer and total IT problem-solver, with fluency in PHP, Java, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Data-mining

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