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PR and Marketing Internship

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All RiteKit internships are unpaid. If you are not considering internships that are without salary or stipend, etc., this is not for you. Also, we work remotely (we all work from where we live).

"Hashtags! Yay!"


That's not actually what we're about. We build a suite of SaaS products for people and companies that expect social ROI: they need to get something back when they share to social.

RiteForge and RiteBoost do total social media optimization: images, custom visuals, link ads - and data-driven auto-hashtagging as well. For those who need to get business, sign-ups, or sales from what they share in Facebook, Twitter and beyond, RiteForge automates image creation and extraction, adds a call-to-action header to pages shared socially, and uses text analysis and machine learning to aid with hashtags as well.

What is RiteKit?
The initial concept for RiteTag, our first product, was borne of the aftermath of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. After witnessing the flurry of disorganized social media activity, our CEO and Founder wanted to help people get their social content discovered in an increasing noisy world.
What SEO does for web pages, SMO (social media optimization) does for video uploads, sound files, Facebook updates, Tweets... and it is much more than hashtags that does this. Today we continue to build tools to further our original mission to increase the customer's social media presence.

We build data-driven social media engagement SaaS products. Please spend one minute to get a quick understanding of all four of our tools: youtube.com/watch?v=oYKPrk2U4Jo

What mktg/bizdev Interns (and staff) do:
• Learn far more than they teach in any university degree to prepare for a successful career in PR, Business Development or as an entrepreneur. (Best case scenario: after this internship you either launch your own startup, join one as a co-founder, or become so important to us that you create a position for yourself on our team.)
• Forge alliances with people at companies and startups that should be using our APIs and/or SaaS products
• Engage our growing community in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium and beyond.
• Write case study articles for our blogs.
• Do what it takes to get original articles on getting things done with RiteKit in major news sites and top-tier blogs.
• Learn how to win at marketing

Terms & Requirements:
• Ability to learn and teach RiteKit products and coach a business owner to use them so that they get social ROI. This will be your entry exam and how you will qualify for the internship.
• Ability to collaborate in a fast paced distributed startup team
• Commitment: 6 months at 3-5 hours/week OR 12 months at 2~3 hours/week (decide later, no rush)
• Be okay with the internship being UNPAID.
• Must be well-written and have proven ability to create visual content
• No relocation needed; we work remotely

Do ask what our former interns went on to do immediately following their RiteKit internship when you have your first interview (and how to independently research this).

First, see medium.com/hashtag-academy/tagged/ritekitinterns and especially the video in medium.com/hashtag-academy/ritekit-interns-tell-their-stories-acc09f4e1845 to hear from our former interns, who share what they got from the experience, in learning, career-boosts, jobs and other opportunities, both with RiteKit and other employers.

As a self funded startup, we have been extremely lucky to have a passionate team, advisors and friends that have brought us this far. Unfortunately this also means we can only offer unpaid internships at the time.

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CEO: RiteKit, RiteTag, Rite.ly, RiteForge, RiteBoost Partner: IdeasWatch Startup CEO Osaka, Japan

Michal Hudeček

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Social media publishing suite for web and mobile

RiteKit focuses on Social Media, Social Media Platforms, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Advertising. Their company has offices in Prague. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, RiteKit has raised $3.8K of funding; their latest round was closed on February 2012.

You can view their website at https://ritekit.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.