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Our internships are career-makers, but they are unpaid. We're 100% self-funded and in our ninth year. We believe in what we do, and are committed to the team and our value proposition. We give back plenty but are not able to compensate interns financially.
RiteKit interns share insights on the team, experience, career boosts: medium.com/hashtag-academy/tagged/ritekitinterns

At our core:
"Enhance": this feature is the gem at the center the RiteBoost automation dashboard and RiteForge, the social publishing SaaS.

The customer's customized "Enhance" does any/all of the following in one click:
• semantically determines topics of a post and auto-hashtags them for current and historical engagement
• Auto-emojify
• converts URLs in social posts to a custom tiny URL with a baked-in advertisement
• if the words in your post are not good as hashtags, Enhance adds up to two at the end of the post
• extracts a good image from images embedded in the body of a page, if the page's URL is in your post
• optional: highlight text or add "quotes" around text before Enhancing - this makes an image from the text, with a customer-branded image background.
• author attribution
• even more options are available

We serve enterprise customers, too: ritekit.com/api-demo

We're growing fast, gaining traction, we're going big, and all the while, our culture continues to improve. No one works "for" RiteKit; we listen, mentor, involve people in the decision making. We work "with" people not above them. Please feel welcome to ask any of us to explain what the difference means to to them. See Hashtag Academy in Medium to see their interviews and read what they say about our impact on careers.

What do our interns do after us? Search RiteTag in LinkedIn, then do an advanced search to see the people. Our interns either join the team or have moved on to PopSugar, Google, Amazon, Snap and so on.

Our four SaaS products in 60 seconds: youtube.com/watch?v=oYKPrk2U4Jo
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PR and Marketing Internship

All RiteKit internships are unpaid. If you are not considering internships that are without salary or stipend, etc., this is not for you. Also, we work remotely (we all work from where we live). "Hashtags! Yay!" NO!!! That's not actually what we're about. We build a suite of SaaS products...

Software Engineer

Vue.js Front-end Web Dev Internship

All RiteKit internships are UNPAID. If you are not considering internships without salary or stipend, etc., this is not for you. FIRM REQUIREMENTS: • Must write clean, re-usable code. • STRONG Vue.js ability required, and experience building at least one site with Vue.js for the front-end. •...