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Social media publishing suite for web and mobile

Social media publishing suite for web and mobile

For everyone who needs to get something back from their social stream, RiteKit products automate all the nuisances out of creating, scheduling and publishing social posts with all the social search optimization, advertisements and analytics on links shared and even more.

The essence of each product in 60 seconds: youtube.com/watch?v=oYKPrk2U4Jo

The browser extension provides a simple color-graded indication of whether your hashtag is likely to help get a post seen, based on real-time engagement.

Social media post crafting and publishing solution with "Enhance": one click for relevant and reaching hashtags, an ad on links, image options and much more.

Enhance (see RiteForge) in any social media publishing site. Includes a content curation and post generation dashboard.

The URL shortener that embeds branded whitelabel ads on URLs in social posts.

Welcome to use our videos/images anywhere with attribution to ritekit.com

Saul Fleischman

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CEO: RiteKit, RiteTag, Rite.ly, RiteForge, RiteBoost Partner: IdeasWatch Startup CEO Osaka, Japan

Pavel Houžva

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Lead Programmer and total IT problem-solver, with fluency in PHP, Java, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Data-mining

Michal Hudeček

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