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Rich Spitkovsky

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Software Engineer/General Information Sponge

Martine Katz

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Brand builder, creative director, leader. Passionate about making beautiful things with awesome people. @Riskified @Wix @Smore @George Washington University

Alex Yee

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Works at Riskified

Eliraz Shor

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People, Technology, and words are my biggest passions and strengths, I am awesome at making different connections between them.

Valerie Pettersen

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Works at Riskified
Account Development

Dorli Cohen

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Recruiter at Riskified

Anthony Levato

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Director of Product Marketing at Riskified

Felix Tabary

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FinTech business development @Riskified

Darren Migneault

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Lorrie Ong

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Strategic & innovative HR Director who translates business vision into actionable HR initiatives.

Merrin Trombka

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Growth @Riskified. Former financial analyst @Goldman Sachs. Before that, professional ballet dancer. Degree in Economics & Italian from @Columbia University.
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Laura Frances Merin

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Andy Freedman

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