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Our first product is a flour made from spent grain. It has 2x the protein, 12x the fiber, and ½ the carbohydrates as all-purpose flour. It is the best-tasting and most flavorful flour on the market, beating out wheat flour, alternative flours, and even other spent grain flours. We have two product lines: light and dark, the former is sourced from ales and pilsners, and the latter from porters and stouts. The light flour has the flavor profile of freshly baked cookies, and the dark flour smells like coffee and chocolate. Our goal is to turn craft breweries zero waste, and we are in talks with Blue Point and Goose Island. Our patent-pending process is also applicable to other by-products including okara from soy milk, spent grain from distilleries, juice pulp, and pomace from wineries. With our current flour we have developed a line of products, such as baking mixes, brownies, blondies, crackers, and pretzels. We are selling our products at specialty markets, bars and taprooms.

Ashwin Goutham Gopi

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Worked at Industrial Training at Visteon, RISE Marketplace. Experience with Emerging Markets, Management, Research. Went to New York University, Anna University
Bertha Jimenez. Ph.D. is the co-founder of RISE. RISE is a green startup that turns by-products of the beer to convert them into food grade material.

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