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First, what are we working on at Rise? Helping people become better sleepers. Why? Imagine I told you there was a drug that you could take, and if you remembered to take it most days you'd live longer; you'd be protected against the major chronic diseases; you'd be less likely to die from cancers, neurodegenerative disease, and metabolic disease. Not only that, but within days of taking this drug, your cognitive and emotional skills would improve; you'd be more empathetic, positive, focused, insightful and creative; you'd learn better and have an improved memory; anxiety and depression would decrease. Also, your body would function better; you wouldn't get sick as often; your skin would look healthier; your metabolism would increase; you wouldn't crave unhealthy snacks as often. At this point, you should be skeptical. I was too. I'm a person that believes in evidence. And I know that the bigger the claim, the more evidence required. Well, turns out, this drug has been studied longer than penicillin. It was actually first studied in our hometown at the University of Chicago in 1925. In case you're still wondering, that drug is healthy sleep. Since then, there have been about 1.24 million academic papers published talking about the effects of sleep and how sleep works. (For reference, exercise has just 646k academic papers.)