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We do serious work but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Come work with us. We are building next-generation robotic systems and software automation tools. We work with robots so have a geeky and fun culture. Don’t be surprised if you run into people flying drones, racing on hoverboards and one-wheelers, or playing VR games in the office. We have some great benefits too, including 100% healthcare coverage, free food and drinks including daily breakfast and lunch, outstanding parental leave and childcare policies, and commuter benefits.
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Kevin Hall


Kevin Hall

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CTO / Co-Founder @ripcord-3 Extensive robotics, machine vision, and manufacturing background. • Worked at @Adept Technology, @Source Robotics
VP of Software at LitBit. Previously at Apple, Cisco, Exodus, Ripcord, TED MED, SU, Woz, and Piston Cloud.


    Debparna Pratiher

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    Saad Siddiqui

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    Venture Capitalist who loves enterprise technology startups. These days infatuated with artificial intelligence and cyber security.

    Kyle Rowland

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    Nathan Law

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    Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Class of 2018

    John LaMarche

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    Talent Advisor / Sr. Technical Recruiter

    brooke bento

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    James Idemoto

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    Senior Software Engineer at @Ripcord Formerly a Software Engineer / Project Manager for USRA (contracting for @NASA )

    Allison Banks

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    Hands-on, results-driven HR Executive. I build the human side of technology orgs—from corporations and privately held companies, to taking startups to IPO.
    Director of Automation at Ripcord. Previously Co-founder at AMBOT

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