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Ravi Khanna

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Wesley Kerr

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Martin Geiger

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Jimmy Chai

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Victor Hoyos

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Recruiter at Riot Games

Paul Rakes

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Gamer who loves @LeagueOfLegends and tech. I manage the ATS and help improve the candidate experience. Everything posted here are my own thoughts & opinions.

Annie Lohr

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Game Tech Recruiting at Riot Games.

Serkan Dospil

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Melanie McCracken

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Ron Williams

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Spire Protocol, Advisor and former CSO for Clover Health, VP Secruity and Infrastructure for Riot Games, Founder of open virtual currency Zeevex, angel investor

Mel Capperino

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Business Operations, North America Regional @ Riot Games

Tami LaSance

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Experienced attorney and HR professional.
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Former team

Anthony DeCino

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Alan Doucette

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Dave Lim

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Jordan Dinwiddy

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Jiake Liu

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Gabriel Teodoru

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