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Protection at every corner. the neighborhood watch app by ring



Steven Piasecki

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Working at Ring. Went to UC Berkeley

Stephanie Jiang

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Content Marketing Manager at Ring ❈ Previously Founder of Lazy Creatures & Cofounder of Underlash Activewear

Sean Sebastian

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Worked at Ring

Phillip Dienstag

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Nolan Clark

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Director of Quality Assurance with a deep background in making the right quality and customer decisions to take a company to the next level.

Matthew Muir

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Channel Marketing Specialist at Ring. Cal State Northridge MBA candidate. Bachelors of Arts at UC Riverside

Louis Shao

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Current position at Ring as Product Development Manager.

Laide Olambiwonnu

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Product Manager with a mission to build products that positively impact & change lives. Passionate abut entrepreneurship & looking for co-founding opportunities

Kevin Marsh

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Gustavo Barron

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Philomath Hacker Engineer -- Passionate about Civic engagement, teaching, and solving problems for the last ten years. -- Previously at @CitiVox @Ride @Beek

Gonzalo Larralde

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Worked at Ring. Experience with Apple, Bash, C

Jason Kim

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Jeremy Churak

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Experienced Business Analyst with extensive Project Management experience. Double major in Accounting and Finance.

Eric Kuhn

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Product @Ring. PAST: Product @Science, @MammothMedia, @Yarn, @Wishbone. EDU: @University Of California, Berkeley & @Washington University in Saint Louis
Product @Ring. Previously venturing @KPCB. Lover of authentic people. #GoBears
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Former team

Senisa Sim

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Vincent Smith

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William Quan

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Gauthier le Meur

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Asad Chishty

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Kellie Flowers

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