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Messaging For Ecommerce

Messaging For Ecommerce

Richpanel is a SAAS startup building next generation of messaging apps for commerce. We are team of passionate techies, marketers & growth hackers that enjoy building products that people love.

**The problem we are solving**
People interact with businesses everyday across multiple channels like email, phone, chat, and social media. Agents have to juggle between multiple tools to assist customers which decreases their productivity and increase chances of human errors.

Richpanel pulls customer data and messages in one simple, beautiful platform. Richapnel minimizes multitasking for agents making them super fast and effective.

**We are hiring**
We are hiring for multiple roles. Please drop us a line on hr@richpanel.com. We are prompt and reply to each application.

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Amit R G

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Tech entrepreneur. Workaholic. Atheist. Extra-extrovert. Founder of Richpanel.com.

Full Stack Developer (Javascript)

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Growth Hacker for SAAS Startup

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