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Our team is incredibly interesting and diverse but one thing unites us all - all of us feel connected to our mission and genuinely want to help people. Even if you aren’t a homeowner yourself, it’s easy to understand how important and momentous buying a home is, and we wholeheartedly want to make the process better for everyone. While we are steadfast in our mission and work hard as an early stage startup, we’re also a compassionate group of people. We want to hire people who care about others, share our level of compassion, and also view working at Ribbon as more than just a job. Everything we do is driven by our five core values: - Be an invited guest to dinner - Everything we do is in the service of the customer. - Be a (home) owner - If we see a problem, we address it head-on without assuming someone else will do it. - Break new ground - We challenge conventional wisdom to create clever solutions and break down the walls. - Foster greatness - We grow and inspire the team around us to constantly make Ribbon better. - Engage with intellectual humility - We become our best selves through rigorous debate and adjusting opinions based on new information.
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Meredith Kejriwal
Talent Acquisition Lead



Zack Sears

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Pardha Ponugoti

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Currently working as a software engineer. I love solving interesting, meaningful problems with technology

Mark Arnold

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Sarah Lee

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Worked at Ribbon, W.O.M.A.N. Experience with Data Entry, Data Analysis, Immunology. Went to University of California

Nicole Hedley

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Product Engineer @ Ribbon Previously ran engineering at Dibs, before that worked at AppNexus and Pinterest; Dartmouth 2015 CS

Kat Kitay

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Sarah Lee

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Sarah Lee

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Worked at Trim

Former team

Win Lin

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Meredith Kejriwal

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Margaret Mannion

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Michael Chang

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Praveen Suchdev

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