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VFX Lighting Artist

₹15,000 – ₹50,000
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• Responsible for applying all lighting effects to a scene. Has to take into consideration the light sources of the live-action plate (the filmed scene over which VFX features are placed) and applies virtual lighting to mimic the existing illumination within the environment. He or she may also add secondary virtual light to visually enhance the objects or characters in the scene, such as adding eye glint or rim lighting. The goal is to ensure that the VFX and live-action elements blend seamlessly, as though both exist in the same environment.
• Creating sequences that are realistic to the world of the film or television show, use a discerning eye to creatively manipulate qualities like light colour, intensity, and angle. In relation to the characters and objects in the scene.
• Using the shader settings implemented by the shading and texture artists to properly integrate the result of qualities like object reflectivity, light scatter, and the appearance of wet surfaces