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Sell tomorrow's revenue for today's funding.

Sell tomorrow's revenue for today's funding.

Revstr is an online marketplace for revenue-based financing. We help early-stage and growth-stage companies sell their future gross revenues in exchange for immediate funding. We provide investors and businesses with a secure, socially-interactive trading platform, facilitating the issuance and purchase of Revnotes™. A Revnote™ is a hybrid financial instrument that lies halfway between an equity contract and a debt agreement, taking only the best out of the two fundraising options:

For investors, buying Revnotes™ implies the safety of collecting monthly payouts - capped at 5 times the initial investment over a 5-year period - tax incentives, seniority over shareholders, and aligned interests towards revenue-growth.

For companies, issuing Revnotes™ to raise funds does not involve any dilution of ownership. It implies low cost of capital, fast access to funds (1 or 2 weeks) and flexible repayment terms.

Avoid ownership dilution. Make sure to raise funds with the right instrument.
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