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Building invite only B2B micro-communities on graph database

Building invite only B2B micro-communities on graph database

Advertising is dead and content is king, but no one really wants to read about your products. People want to hear from their peers about problems they share. Revcloud builds content communities for B2B businesses and helps turn B2B prospects into members of a company owned exclusive invite only content community. Think about the Google Knowledge Graph with a content marketing solution that allows marketers to create content specific to every user in their CRM system. The technology we are building is based on machine learning algorithms and we leverage unique NoSQL graph databases. We are building one of the most challenging technology stacks ever. At the core, we start by knowing our client's prospects better than our clients do. We manage the invite list. Revcloud's technology is build using revolutionary graph databases, tackling problems just like Stanford's DeepDive project has, with the goal of ending advertising for B2B businesses and replacing it with killer content.

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