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We encourage our team at Retreat Guru to bring our whole self to work. Some principles we share are:

- Be vulnerable, we can be honest with ourselves and each other. Being vulnerable is a gift to others, and creates authentic connection and trust. Being vulnerable brings happiness. Opening to other people, situations, and ideas is a strong and powerful practice.
- Trust, everyone is basically good
- Listen, actually listen and reflect back what the other said. Doing just this prevents so many problems.
- Appreciation brings us closer to truth. The more we appreciate all the incredible things in our lives, the more we tune into the truth of our existence. Our monkey minds love to focus on what we lack, confusing us. The practice of deliberate appreciation for the good and the challenging things, allows us to experience our present richness.

Some practices we participate in are:
- Bowing. We start and end many meetings with a bow. There are multiple dimensions of this practice. On a practical level, it gives us a moment to pause and come back to the present moment. Maybe we rushed in from another meeting. This pause allows us to re-center into nowness. On another level we are showing humility and respect to those around us. At a further level we are bowing to our own awakened nature—that is always present—and that of every other being.

- Company Heart Sharing Circle. The company Heart sharing circle is an opportunity for everyone so share how they are feeling in the present moment. The purpose is so that everyone has an opportunity to share from their heart how they are doing and be fully heard. While it's fun to talk about what happened over the weekend, the real purpose of this meeting is to share from the heart. It's fine to pass, but know that healing can happen from being vulnerable. Sharing emotions about work is also heartily welcome.

As new people join, our living culture evolves and changes. This is but a small taste of how we work and grow together.