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Scientific Solutions to Problems with Hearing

Scientific Solutions to Problems with Hearing

Sound Relief

Sound Relief tinnitus sound therapy is a streamed online therapy to alleviate ringing in the ears, all you need is a pair of headphones and you’re ready to go! Sound Relief has been specially designed to stimulate the inner ear and provide a soothing sound to be used on a daily basis. When used regularly the therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce the severity of tinnitus within the first month of treatment.

Sound Bounce

Sound Bounce responsive acoustic material that gives you the ability to attenuate any problem frequency. Using patented materials technology Sound Bounce responds proportionally to the sound environment, giving up to 8 times more protection than standard materials. This product is particularly useful in the aviation, military and construction industries.
CTO & co-founder of Restored Hearing. University of Edinburgh physics graduate.
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