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RestAR - AI-Based 3D Capturing for Online Retail

RestAR - AI-Based 3D Capturing for Online Retail

RestAR enables every business owner to scan, convert, and render high-end 3D content based on physical products in food delivery and e-commerce markets, using their mobile device only. RestAR aims to change the way people interact with online products, this will enhance the consumers' overall experience. 54% of consumers are more likely to buy products with advanced 3D experiences and 61% prefer ordering products using AR. Through RestAR technology, online businesses are able to increase conversion rates by 20%-40%, increase consumer engagement and reduce the product return rate. RestAR's technology combines both computer vision and deep learning algorithms based on cutting-edge academic research.

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Bar Saraf

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CEO and Founder at RestAR • @500+ Startups B16 • Founded Inviter and Appix • Former VP of Products at Tradeo (acquired) and RapidAPI.