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Sales Acceleration and Conversion Optimisation Platform

Sales Acceleration and Conversion Optimisation Platform

We connect a businesses salespersons to their internet leads by phone in under 60 seconds. Allowing business to speak to leads at the optimum time for success. MIT have proven calling within 5min vs 10min yield a 900% higher chance of connection.
How It Works?
Email is forward to ResponseiQ, we parse/extract information, call available sales agents and first to answer claims the lead, using text to voice the agent hears all required important information and is then connected with the lead at the most optimal time.
Increased connections, increased appointments, increased sales, and a far more efficient sales/response process.
Our platform tracks connection rates, response times, appointments/follow ups set/rates etc. All lead data is logged in the system, can be logged in at agent/management/company levels. All calls are recorded for training.
In Dev
Website SMS to sales agents feature
ScoreiQ - customisable call/agent scoring for training and feedback purposes.

Scott Lee

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Founder ResponseiQ. Strong business, economics and sales background. Self taught tech and SaaS lover. Strong personality. A leader intellectually and socially.

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Founder & CEO at ResponseiQ

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