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Mailchimp for SMS

Mailchimp for SMS

We are making the first-ever global text message marketing software built to facilitate conversations, not just notify. Made to handle VoIP API's like Twilio, we are able to provide a text message marketing platform with local numbers anywhere in the world that the user would own themselves. The interface is built to provide the same personalization and automated marketing strategies that are currently available for email, just with the 98% average open-rates of SMS vs. 20% of email. That includes two-way text, call forwarding, dynamic fields for personalization, automated scheduled texts, and advanced segmentation to name a few. Email doesn't have borders, why should text.

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Peter Daggett

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OU Entrepreneurship and Venture Management Major, 3x NCAA Champion, Currently working at the early-stage startup Respond Flow.

Matthew Morfopoulos

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Passionate and curious growth marketer. Co-founder @Respond Flow

Austin Graham

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