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Michelle McGhee

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Full-stack developer @ Resource

Emily Mitnick

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Head of People + Research @Resource; Founder at EHM Coaching; people developer; design strategist; UX researcher; writer; creative; ENFJ
Founder @Resource - making recruiting human. Previously founded @Tripstr, @Quilt
Recruiter turned marketer turned AE working hard to make recruiting teams more efficient by supercharging the talent sourcing & outreach workflow 🚀

Kevin Vissuet

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Product Engineer/ Data Scientist at Resource
Head of Sales at Resource

James Pulec

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Worked at Chewse, NiteAbout. Experience with Python, Django, Linux. Went to University of Wisconsin, Madison

Marcus Lowe

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Head of Product at Resource, previously PM at @Google

Board members and advisors

Design Director at Twitter. Prior: Gradle, Salesforce, Google, IDEO
Helping startups hire the best. Founder @Lightwork, former Head of Talent Strategy @Quantcast, Head of Recruiting @Shyp, and Founder @Mighty Spring.
Founder/CEO of @Partender - Bar Inventory in 15 Minutes.@Quilt alum. BS in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology @Emory University and MS in Entrepreneurship @University of Florida.
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Former team

Emmy Armintrout

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Jenn Kim

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