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We’re on a mission to build healthier organizations — starting with our own. We believe the way we build our company is just as important as what we’re building. This means creating an open, inclusive environment for our people and products to grow. Get to know our team & culture (click a face!): resource.io/company

As one of Resource’s early hires, you’ll have the autonomy, responsibility and respect to make a true impact on our company & culture.

Potential over credentials: while most companies care more about your credentials than your character, we believe our success depends on your ability to design, build and own a foundational function of our company.

As an early hire, you’ll work 1:1 with an executive coach to develop a personal growth plan to further develop as a leader. We’ll provide help and support in connecting you with thought leaders in your field for advisory and mentorship. It’s our job to ensure you’re constantly learning from the best.

We take our commitments seriously – and believe you should too. Here’s what we expect from ourselves and those joining our family:

- We’re committed to building something bigger than ourselves
- We commit to help recruit the brightest, hardest working people to join our mission
- We have a growth mindset and continually seek feedback, learning and growth
- We’re humble, kind and respectful to everyone, whether a teammate or a stranger
- We commit to helping those around us reach their full potential
- We take what we learn here with us, for life (that’s how we'll build a legacy)
- We are comfortable as the underdog. In fact, we love it.
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Software Engineer

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Who you are Building products to solve hard problems is why you wake up in the morning. You resonate with the many challenges of UI engineering (https://overreacted.io/the-elements-of-ui-engineering/) and embrace new technologies and paradigms for overcoming them. The ever-changing landscape of...

Software Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

Posted 8 months ago

Who you are You're an experienced, battle-tested engineer, and you're excited about building reliability, stability and scalability into Resource's DNA. You’ll balance speed and quality to get the right solution deployed to our customers today. You enjoy systems design/monitoring, data...