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Senior Backend Engineer

$115k – $150k • 0.1% – 0.25%
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Who you are

You're an experienced, battle-tested engineer, and you're excited about building reliability, stability and scalability into Resource's DNA.

You’ll balance speed and quality to get the right solution deployed to our customers today. You enjoy systems design/monitoring, data pipelining, data modeling, API design and iterative shipping cycles, and you highly value robust testing + CI/CD. You recognize that creating leverage is the best way to increase your team’s output. You’ve made enough mistakes in the past to have strong opinions and the learnings to back them up.

You’ll own large parts of the software stack and take part in all engineering-related decisions with the expectation that you’ll grow into a leader at Resource. You love clean, scalable code but understand the value of shipping quickly. You love a good technical challenge, as long as it ultimately solves a problem for your customers.

A taste of what you'll do

- Design and deliver software that improves the availability and scalability of our distributed application and communications infrastructures
- Build and maintain our data processing pipeline
- Investigate mission-critical problems and build solutions to prevent them
- Participate in implementing and enforcing software best practices like Agile, CI & TDD
- Build useful internal tools and automation workflows to help the company run more efficiently
- Interview, hire and help grow a mission-driven engineering team around you
- Whatever else you think needs doing…this is your area of expertise!

What you bring to the table

- Passion for our mission — building healthier organizations
- Outstanding problem-solving skills and an outside-of-the-box imagination
- Interest in being more than just 'an engineer' and passion for growing a healthy engineering culture
- Ability to combine data and imagination to guide engineering decisions
- You love and want to contribute to the business as a whole, not just the software stack

If any of the above piques your interest, we'd love to talk.

We’re not big on resumes – send us a note with what excites you about Resource and we'll reach out with some times to chat.

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