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A future where strangers can trust each other and interact with confidence

Jobs at Reputationaire

Reputationaire is a blockchain-enabled platform that puts you back in control of reputation we believe you should own, but is currently locked away and controlled by centralised services like Airbnb, Ebay and Facebook (who sell your data without your knowledge).

We allow you to link your ratings at any website, then store & exchange your verified reputation data to instantly prove your credibility - while optionally remaining anonymous.

Our mission is to build a decentralised credit check like service for trust on the scale of Facebook and Twitter - freeing people from today's race, religion, age and gender biases by putting not only their data, but more importantly their reputation back in their control.

Reputationaire roles have huge growth potential and require individuals with natural self starter “hustler” qualities and a determination to make a substantial improvement to humanity via technology.

What it's like to volunteer at Reputationaire introduction by cofounders Andrew and Dee: youtu.be/C8tN4povhmE