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A future where strangers can trust each other and interact with confidence

YCombinator SS Blockchain Startup In Pilots Seeks Data Scientist (with development capability)

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* Until we secure revenue or investment unfortunately this is an unpaid local or remote volunteer role. *

We believe people should own not only their data, but more importantly the massive value locked away within their reputation they've spent time, money, sweat and tears building on services like Airbnb, Ebay and Facebook.

Reputationaire is a blockchain-enabled platform that allows users to import, store & exchange verified reputation data, to prove their credibility, while optionally remaining anonymous yet trusted - free from age, race, religion and gender biases.

As an early stage award winning YCombinator Startup School graduated startup with launched MVP we are seeking a data scientist with development capabilities.

Your key responsibilities will be to research and develop a "relative ratings" service using publicly available data.

There is a possibility for this service to include machine learning.

Attention to detail is a must!

What we expect from you:
Passionate about helping the disadvantaged, refugees and young people improve their life situation by giving them the ability to prove they are reliable and trustworthy
Experienced in Data Science (does not have to be commercial experience)
Experience writing code (does not have to be commercial experience)
Example code or projects you've worked on e.g. on Github
You have a strong results focus, including the ability to set and handle personal goals
You are excellent at presenting information through visual tools and techniques
Ability to challenge the status quo in an appropriate manner
Self-motivated and enthusiasm to learn
Willingness to be the one that always asks ‘why’
Experience working in an agile environment
Superb communication skills, written expression and comprehension
Strong organisation and facilitation skills

Stackoverflow or similar profile
Strong, validated marketing experience in commercial product or bespoke software development
Knowledge of blockchain technology
Passionate about your online reputation
Experience in:
- Julia Programming Language (Genie, SearchLight ORM, MySQL)
- Python Flask
- Docker

This is role has the capability of extreme growth in terms skills, responsibility, seniority and shaping the future of both Reputationaire and the reputation industry as a whole.

You will be given a supportive working environment, written ongoing mentoring from our team and co-founders who have over 40 years tech experience and a written confirmation on successful completion.

Come join us on our adventure to help create a world where trust is easy to prove!

Reputationaire at a glance

A future where strangers can trust each other and interact with confidence

Reputationaire focuses on Peer-to-Peer, Reputation, and Trusted Networks. Their company has offices in Melbourne. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://reputationaire.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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