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Owen Tripp

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Founder @Reputation.com, Co-Founder/CEO at ConsultingMD • Worked at @eBay, @Accenture


Kanstantsin Gerasimovich

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Talented Software engineer with a passion for web development, distributed systems, and cloud computing. Flexible, detail-oriented problem solver.

Kellie Meckenstock

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Megan Beigh

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zeeshan ahmed

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Passionate javascript developer with zeal to develop technology that solves real-world problems.

Cassie Albert

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Experienced Executive Assistant To Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in start ups. Skilled in Accounting, Facility Management, & HR

Kimberleigh Edmark

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HR/Recruiter in fast paced environment

Manish Balsara

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Berkeley MBA, architect, hands-on, distributed systems, scaled teams, product

Josefin O'Brien

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Proven customer success and digital marketing leader with expertise in delivering measurable retention and value to large enterprise client base.

manish balsara

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co-founder @ phulaxis. Startup engineering / product.

Katie Fong

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Owen Tripp

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Founder at ConsultingMD. Co-founded Reputation.com. Builder, entrepreneur, angel/advisor.
I'm a relentless internet entrepreneur / coder living in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in PHP cloud infrastructure development with @Facebook Platform.
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Former team

Mike Wamungu

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Stephen Hess

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Vasily Starostenko

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Rana Ahmed

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Ryan Moore

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David Thompson

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