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Enabling conscious consumers & businesses go PlasticNeutral

Enabling conscious consumers & businesses go PlasticNeutral

Too much of plastic is too low-value to be collected, waste workers across Asia live in poverty, and individuals are not changing the way we waste. In response, rePurpose is a global community of consumers & businesses going #PlasticNeutral. Our web platform enables individuals and brands worldwide to go #PlasticNeutral in three steps: 1) measure your consumption through our proprietary 3-min interactive tool 2) offset your footprint by contributing $3-5/month to a vetted environmental organization in India who will ethically recycle an equivalent amount of low-value plastic that would have otherwise been landfilled, burned, or flushed into the oceans 3) join a community of reBalancers leading a thoughtful lifestyle through personalized ConsciousLiving tips & tricks, curated just for you to help you reduce your impact on our planet. We partner with businesses and brands to create #PlasticNeutral workplaces and experiences, embedded into the everyday life of the conscious consumer.

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