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rePurpose aims to empower every link of the circular economy to better improve resource use, disposal, collection, and recovery, and accomplish this using technology that is mindfully inclusive of an informal sector that has for too long been excluded from society.
Traditionally, India’s waste has been handled by a vibrant informal sector that operates through a chaotic web of entrepreneurs and independent workers across strict hierarchical levels. At the base of the pyramid, workers are forced into waste picking, wherein they work tirelessly to manually extract and transport any and all recyclables that are deemed valuable, often in landfills without any safety equipment at risk of health hazards, only to sell them to a buyer that exploits them, earning barely enough to feed their families.

rePurpose is radically rethinking how reverse logistics is conducted in a developing context through a first-of-its-kind technology platform that allows individuals and businesses all across the world to take ownership of their plastic footprint, and in the process, transition informal waste pickers into formal employment with dignified livelihoods, social security and safe working conditions. We accomplish this through an ecosystem-enabling business model, intimate partnerships, and inclusive technology.

A key constraint that the informal sector faces is lack of access to both technical and financial resources. We use technology to accurately measure the plastic footprint of any reBalancer (individual or business) and by generating PlasticCredits (@ 0.5$/kg) to them through our PlasticNeutral platform, we mobilize resources for collection of low-value plastics and formalization of workers.

We are leveraging technology to create a global movement of conscious consumers and businesses going PlasticNeutral - this is currently hosted on our pilot web platform at repurpose.global.
Join us in our quest to reduce waste, revive lives, and restore nature's balance.
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Software Engineer

Full Stack Web Developer

Posted 2 months ago

Our society is literally drowning in its own plastic consumption, leading to a waste crisis of apocalyptic proportions. The time is now for businesses to step up and take responsibility for their plastic usage.

Software Engineer

Web Development Intern

Posted 2 months ago

Winners of UPenn President's 2018 Engagement Prize and UC Berkeley's 2019 Global Social Ventures Competition, rePurpose Global (www.repurpose.