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Redefining the Fuel Distribution System in the Country

Associate Lead - Backend Engineer

₹4,000 – ₹7,000
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Backend Engineer

This is Not a Job, It is a Mission.
We are Repos and we welcome the crazy ones and the dreamers who believe there is something else to their lives.
"We are shooting for the moon but we also cherish a cup of tea with a fellow Reposian."
Repos is working on the latest and largest IoT innovations of India and taking it to the world.
We are using these Repos innovations to create an E-commerce of Energy, starting with Diesel at Doorstep. In just 4 months, starting from 2019, Repos Energy is creating a difference in 50+ cities.
We go beyond the concept of personal and professional life balance. We are just living a life, fulfilling our dreams.
Mission Responsibilities
· Known to common design patterns of software development
· Known to MVC Concepts, object-oriented design
· Ability to learn other coding languages
· Competent in clean code guidelines
· Competent in using code versioning using Git
· Attention to detail
· Strong willingness to finish the tasks to deliver projects under the due timeline and work extended hours if required
· Passionate about quality
· Excellent communication skills
· Analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude
· The pro-active and winning attitude
· Quick-learner
· Self-directed and require minimal supervision
Required Skills
· Django DRF, node.js, AWS
· Languages: Python, JavaScript, Shell
· Frameworks: Django, Flask, Express or Sails
· Relational DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL
· NoSQL DBMS: MongoDB or Cassandra
· In-Memory Database: Redis
· Hands-on experience with AWS Cloud Infrastructure
· Ability to integrate tools such as Grafana, Sentry.io, NewRelic or PaperTrail and other 3rd party services
· Known to web crawling and data scraping concepts
· Listen to what the other person has to say. Always listen first.
· Being polite doesn’t cost you anything; in fact it pays you handsome dividends. Always be polite with everyone.
· Your work is an extension of your own self, always be extremely diligent about it.

If you feel these words resonate with you and you too believe in the magic of dreaming big, come say Hi or apply at:
Website: https://reposenergy.com/
Instagram: https://bit.ly/2KxNvd0
We are looking forward to the day that you become a part of this crazy Repos family (Repos Energy India Pvt Ltd)
The world is facing a lot of major challenges like climate change, poverty, politics and wars. If you think you can talk more about possibilities rather than issues, we would love you hear from you. And yes, we don’t believe in the straining exercise of walking the fine line of work/life balance, everything is just ‘Life’ for us. So, if you think otherwise, we suggest re-think before applying.

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Redefining the Fuel Distribution System in the Country

Repos Energy focuses on E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Services, Apps, and Oil and Gas. Their company has offices in Pune. They have a large team that's between 201-500 employees.

You can view their website at https://reposenergy.com/

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