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We're building the operating system of material recovery

We're building the operating system of material recovery

Replenysh is building technology to help brands close the loop on their products and materials. We are currently focused on the broken waste and recycling industry, which sends $275 billion of material to landfill each year. Our vision is the end of landfills and plastic pollution. To achieve this, we are building tools to reinvent the collection, transportation, and sale of secondary materials while delivering an enhanced customer experience for all participants.

Built by an experienced team with domain expertise, world-class design and technical talent, and strong industry relationships, we are backed by leading angel and venture capital investors including Kindred Ventures, Floodgate, and 122WEST.

Mark Armen

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Founder of Replenysh • Worked at @Recyclebank, @LeVecke, @WM Greenops LLC, Waste Management • Building the circular economy

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