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Automated video creation using Generative AI

Applied Computer Vision Researcher (Deep Learning)

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Rephrase is a Techstars backed company building generative AI platform to ease video creation. We are building an AI engine which can take in any piece of text or audio as input and create a video of a given person to speak that, in a way that feels natural. This can be used by L&D departments to create training videos; by ed-tech companies to economically create thousands of videos; by sales teams to personalize sales videos; to make characters speak in AR/ VR; to give a face to digital assistants amongst other applications. Our current technology results are at the cutting edge of AI. This is the holy grail of computer vision, and we find this an incredibly exciting technical problem to solve.

For us, this is just the start. Our vision is to build a system that takes a Hollywood script as input and automatically renders an entire film as output. This would involve multiple characters, interaction between them, and adding complex environment around them. We are hiring for five open positions in Computer Vision across different levels of experience.

As one of the early members, you’ll have the opportunity to greatly influence the direction of the company and work on challenging technical problems with the founding team. Your general work would be to:
* Read state-of-the-art computer vision research papers, form hypothesis from new ideas you get and brainstorm with the rest of the team
* Implement (write code) and run experiments after brainstorming
understand how our constraints and requirements are unique to build custom productionizable models

* For senior positions, we expect a Ph.D. in Computer Vision and/or 5+ years of CV experience.
* For freshers, we expect practical hands-on experience in Computer Vision on a couple of projects and strong theoretical foundation of deep learning concepts.
* Knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of computer science like linear algebra, formulating optimization problems, etc. would be a plus.
Above all, we will look for a passion for working in a fast-paced startup environment and solving challenging problems.

As you can expect from our lofty ambitions, we are creating a team of the best computer vision experts in the world. If you share our vision of a video-first future and are interested in pushing the boundaries of AI, please apply here.

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