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Tinder for Finding Roommates

Tinder for Finding Roommates

Our first product can be easily described as, "Tinder for Finding Roommates." Our algorithm organizes the most compatible potential roommates for you and allows you to swipe right on the ones you want to connect with. Through critical mass, that will open the doors to streamlining the rental process for renters. Moving to New York City post-college, but don't have a job lined up? We'll be able to match you with other renters who like the same apartment/house. Our theory is building the demand-side of the marketplace will best allow us to build an actual business that collects money from landlords. This product relies on an insane amount of marketing hustle, of which we have proven already. The next step is to build critical mass and scale the roommate finding product.

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Neil Deramchi

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Raised all over the world; biotech; brand consultant; VC/PE investment strategist
Founder Ritzy • Worked at @RageTank (>_<), @PingTank, @Vyng • Studied at @University of Portland , Strong background in Social Media and Creative Marketing.

Lori Hill

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iOS developer, 6 apps in the App Store