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eHarmony for Rentals

eHarmony for Rentals

Rentalroost's main mission is to make real estate easy. We do this by providing tools to different segments within the real estate industry that make house-hunting, management, and sales a breeze. We started as a recommendation engine that allows renters to find apartments and neighborhoods that are personalized based on the user's social media graph and proprietary statistical profile. We also offer a pre-screened tenant tool that empowers tenants to take control of the rental application process.

RentalRoost also launched RoostWorth which offers the most accurate home valuation tool available today. This accuracy comes from using current data, as opposed to old sales information to price homes. RoostWorth also predicts market trends, so users can solve the age-old issue of when to list their home and at what price.

RentalRoost also provides agents with a treasure trove of tools for lead management, incubation, and marketing.

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Co-Founder/General Counsel of Rental Roost Inc., Houserie Inc., GrayRoost Real Estate Inc. Attorney at Law Office of Harini Venkatesan