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When in doubt, we hire for capacity.

We’re a young and fast-growing startup so we’d prefer to have a team of people who are on the upswing when it comes to skills. If you're perfect today, that likely means you won't be able to keep up with the fast pace we've created.

Nobody ever checks *every* box when we’re recruiting, but if you feel like you’re 3-6 months from being “perfect” for an open position, we’d love to meet you now.

We try our best to work autonomously and besides our daily standup at 11 am, you can expect to be free to manage your own schedule. All we ask is that you get shit done. We like running lean and with a small team slackers stick out like a sore thumb.

We believe that 3 people deeply invested in the success of the organization are greater assets than 30 with lukewarm enthusiasm so if you want to be successful at remodelmate, be the "3".

Last, but not least, we prefer team members that have an opinion. That said, we're not always going to agree on the way forward. In instances when you're in the minority, we ask that you "disagree and commit". This means that you will devote your best efforts to the plan whether or not you agree with it.

We've found that this lets us test a lot faster because we spend less time arguing, when in fact, we rarely know what is going to work.

ALSO, one day you'll be on the winning side of a split-decision and it's great to know that you can count on us and even if, at first, we don't see what you see, you'll have our best efforts at your disposal to execute.

Perks and benefits

Employee stock options

Every member of the *Home* team is awarded stock. We want you to own your role and likewise think you should own a piece of the business.

Unlimited pto

Because, startup.

Digital happy hour

Since we don't regularly have the full team "in the office" we host digital happy hours where everybody stuffs their face with pizza while we listen to our favorite Apple Music playlists. Note: we do in-person happy hours, too.